Thursday, June 25, 2009

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Friday, June 19, 2009

A couple of things I've found recently...

'Quality' by Talib, Charles Bukowski, the new iPod shuffle, Willy Vlautin, Daniel Hecht, the Cubs coming back and winning ball games. City Art, as well.

It's tough to qualify my interest in street artists. It may have to do with the fact that I imagine their art as being a visual representation and approximation of some of the things I attempt to accomplish through my own composing - whether it be Jazz or Acoustic/lyrical. Maybe I see their on the edges of the world status as akin to what alot of unsigned jazz players and musicians have to deal with.

Not simply their aesthetics, or social commentary in real world situations and places, but their environment and the attitude most of the public (especially the Establishment) has towards their work is also noteworthy. In the City of Chicago, street art (excluding patronized murals) is technically illegal. Property owners have the 'luxury' of being able to request that the City blasts any graffiti or paintings/drawings from their grounds for free. A team of men patrol and perform this service regularly, leaving off-color, defacing rectangles where something socially or culturally valuable once resided. There is something special about the transient nature of this medium of art. As such, I've begun to chronicle the things I've seen and come across in my time here so far - not so much with the aim of conserving what may soon be blasted to oblivion, but in order to satisfy my possibly misdirected curiousity. I'll be posting as I find. Enjoy my trip.